Snow Robins

Look there is a robin in the backyard tugging on a long and juicy looking earthworm. Spring must be right around the corner. Roaming around in the backyard is an American robin easily spotted by its brown back and reddish-orange breast.The bill presently being used to hold onto that worm is mainly yellow with a variably dark tip. Some may argue that the dark tip is a result of digging for those juicy earthworms. The next day, fourteen inches of snow and temperatures in the single digi

Look Out, Mergansers Passing Through

Daytime temperatures are starting to rise. Spring is returning to New England. Slowly but surely, the open water works its way back into the As the ice line recedes more and more water fowl start to visit again. This is certainly a great time on the lake as hibernating species come back to life and many birds take flight starting their long migration north. One morning as the fog clears there are several pairs of common mergansers actively playing in the cove. Sure enough two da…

Where Do Turtles Go

Where do turtles go once the cold weather returns and ice forms over the surface of the water Do you know There is something about turtles most of us adore Kids love them and often have them for pets. There are at least species of freshwater and terrestrial turtles. Most of these turtles spend a large amount of their time in water. Often we can spot them surfacing at regular intervals to refill their lungs. All turtles and tortoises breathe air so they can stay under water.