Titanium on the Trail

What do high performance jets have in common with lightweight, durable cookware Titanium. Thats right Ti or atomic number for those of you who remember your elements. This amazing elegant silvery metal is taking a whole range of industries by storm! From aerospace manufacturing sky writing golf clubs pacemakers and eye-wear to cookware titanium is the one to beat because of the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any known metal to date avisionlimoservice Cookware specially camping cookware.

Morel Along the Trail

A great aspect of a good hike is that you never know what is around the next corner. Early to mid Spring, brings a bunch of budding trees and new growth all over the forest floor. As the suns rays warm the soil all around, wildflowers and wonderful mushrooms begin to pop their heads up. Among’st all of this springtime glory, are the mushroom hunters in search of many a chefs favorite mushroom the morel. What a fantastic way to add some fun, even competition and culinary delight to our hike.